The Best Christmas Coloring Book for Kids!

Christmas Coloring Book is digital coloring book for all who love Christmas. In the coloring book you will find 30 hand painted templates or paint anything what you like on nice color papers. You can paint with the pen driven tablets or you can practice your fingers and creativity. 

Great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Coloring Book is a fun and development mixture of the creation freedom improving the aesthetic feelings for our small lovely people. Kids can naturally develop cognitive abilities by coloring. Good parents help children express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want. So, here is it... the chance to do it. We do :)

Features List 

  • a variety of color papers
  • rich color selection
  • set of pencils, pencil's mods: alpha, blur, stroke width
  • eraser tool
  • cute selection of nice papers to draw on (kids love color papers)
  • save to my works
  • my works gallery - what I already painted
  • 30 full quality images related to Christmas
  • simple to use "send via e-mail" function
  • running on phones and tablets

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